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Sales of complete works

Canto Negro.


Editorial Libros en Red.

This book is a selection of 40 tenths and poems that are intended to be a support for teachers and students as well as an invitation for the reader who is looking for a contact. It includes a prologue by Professor Martha Ojeda; chronology, bibliography and discography.

Obras Completas I. Poesía (1949-1989).


Editorial Libros en Red.

It gathers all the décimas and poems published from his first book to the last one. It also includes a selection of tenths that appeared in the press along with other unpublished ones, as well as comments by the author. It is the most complete work that has been published to date. 

Obras Completas II. Investigación (1958-1991).


Editorial Libros en Red.


This book traces his research work from his first journalistic article published in 1958 to his last lecture delivered in November 1991. The book follows the evolution of the author himself from a purely Peruvian theme to consolidate a continental vocation. For this reason, in order to facilitate the reading of this work, it has been divided into two main fields:


"PERÚ": Se divide en, I. Folklore Costeño. Sus artículos desde 1958 hasta 1975. II. Mariátegui y su preconcepto del Negro (1967). III. Nueva Canción en el Péru (1982). IV. Religión: Aportes del Negro al Cristianismo (1985).


"HISPANOAMERICA": Se divide en, V. Nueva Canción (1982), VI. América y sus Juglares (1985) con las siguiente partes: 1. Romances de España en América. 2. Nuevo Méster Andino. 3. Romances de España y América. 4. El Corrido Mexicano. 5. Canto en Controversia de Repentistas. 6. El Punto Cubano. 7. Los Trovadores Borincanos. 8. Los Mejoraneros Panameños. 9. Los Trovadores Aztecas. VII. El Negro en Iberoamérica (1988). VIII. De la "Bellísima Peruana" a la "Borinqueña" (1989). IX. Africanía de la Canción Danzaría en Nuestra América. (1991).





These books can only be purchased through the Internet:



Regarding his work on records:

We are unaware of the current availability of Nicomedes' records. We refer those interested to the various websites dedicated to the sale of music, with whose operation and conditions we have no connection.

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